Case Study: UTI at an assisted living facility

The hospital alternative in action: Acute Care

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Introduction & Presentation

Meet Violet, an 80-year-old woman in an assisted living facility who demonstrated confusion and agitation over a 24-hour period. A staff member recalled similar behavior previously occurred when this resident had a UTI. The family of the patient was notified by the assisted living staff and consented to a visit with DispatchHealth for further evaluation.


The power of DispatchHealth

Physical exam: Pain with palpation of the lower abdomen, no visible signs of dehydration.

Labs: Positive urine analysis, specimen sent for additional cultures.

Medications: Antibiotics were started at the bedside with a prescription ordered.

SDOH assessment: No urgent concerns identified.

Education: Patient and care staff were encouraged to increase oral fluids.

Care coordination: Discussed care plan with PCP and assisted living staff. Encounter summary shared with both teams.

Violet’s experience:

With one in-home visit, we helped this patient avoid transport to the ER, expensive medical bills, and the potential risk of transitional care.

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