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Collaborating to advance cardiac care in the home

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Heart failure remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality globally*. On average, individuals with heart failure are 23% higher risk for being readmitted to the hospital**. In an effort to reduce cardiovascular-related hospital readmissions and improve the transition from hospital inpatient to the individual’s home, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) is joining with DispatchHealth in a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Together, we seek to transform cardiac care, implementing innovative clinical pathways for cardiology patients to receive in-home treatment.

Topics include:

  • High-acuity cardiac case studies and complex modalities available in the home
  • Evaluating patient eligibility for in-home cardiac care
  • How cardiology teams benefit from this model
  • Understanding reimbursement within this framework
  • How in-home care fuels crucial SDOH insights
  • On the horizon: future collaboration goals

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More about our panelists

Phil Mitchell MD, MS

DispatchHealth Chief Medical Officer

Upon completion of medical school at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Dr. Phil Mitchell has spent the last two decades as an emergency medicine physician in Colorado. His focus throughout his education and career has been on patient safety and the delivery of quality, evidence-based medicine.  His time in the emergency room taught him that many of the cases seen could have been treated safely in the patient’s home. In 2014, Dr. Mitchell joined DispatchHealth as Chief Medical Officer with the goal of making in-home care accessible for all patients. In the past seven years, Dr. Mitchell has been instrumental in building the world’s largest complete system of care in the home, with over 80 million people now having access to this care.

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Ami Bhatt, MD, FACC
Chief Innovation Officer, American College of Cardiology

Dr. Ami Bhatt specializes in the lifelong care and empowerment of patients with congenital heart disease. Dr. Bhatt graduated from Harvard University, obtained her doctoral degree from Yale School of Medicine, and then trained at BWH, Children’s Hospital of Boston, and Mass General. She has developed a robust multidisciplinary curriculum at Mass General to provide requisite ACHD education to cardiovascular fellows, and is dedicated to patient advocacy groups (AHA and Adult Congenital Heart Association), empowering individuals with CHD to lead full and productive lives. The ACC named Dr. Bhatt its new chief innovation officer (CIO), beginning in January 2022. As CIO, Bhatt provides leadership and expertise in health care innovation and continues to grow the College’s comprehensive Innovation Program in support of the ACC’s Mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.

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Patrick Kneeland, MD, SFHM
Vice President for Medical Affairs, DispatchHealth

Dr. Patrick Kneeland completed training in internal medicine at the University of California-San Francisco, completing a fellowship in hospital medicine, where he focused on the transformation of clinical delivery systems and the role of culture in improving patient safety. From this experience, he learned that healthcare can and should be delivered in many settings. He has made a career mission to transform how patients access quality care, taking an evidence–based approach to avoiding many complications by offering medical care in the home. Dr. Kneeland joined DispatchHealth in 2019 where he leads the development of the post-hospital care and extended care services. He is dedicated and passionate about bringing hospital and SNF-level care to patients’ homes. Dr. Kneeland has successfully led this program which results in significant reduction of 30-day hospital readmits of 6% (national average 16%), and SNF admit rate to 0% (national average 20%).

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Nivee Amin, MD, MHS, FACC
ACC-DispatchHealth Work Group Chair

Dr. Nivee Amin is a clinical cardiologist who works closely with the ACC to bring innovation to cardiac care. Dr. Amin relies on multidisciplinary expertise to develop novel cardiac solutions. She earned undergraduate degrees in International Studies and Business from University of Pennsylvania, obtained medical doctorate at Hopkins, and went on to train at Columbia in internal medicine, to return to Hopkins for cardiovascular fellowship and training in clinical investigation. Dr. Amin is on academic faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College where she founded and directed the Weill Cornell Medicine Women’s Heart Program which was designed to reduce disparities in health outcomes through novel collaborations and health solutions. Dr. Amin has worked closely with DispatchHealth and the ACC in a productive collaboration designed to ensure high quality clinical care and innovation.

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Garet Free
Vice President for Partner Strategy and Success, DispatchHealth

Since joining DispatchHealth in 2020, Garet has been integral in spearheading the organization’s collaboration with the American College of Cardiology, a collaboration that focuses on co-developing a groundbreaking in-home healthcare model for cardiac care. His work to align ACC’s clinical expertise with the unique DispatchHealth system of care brings us closer to the Quadruple Aim every day.

More about DispatchHealth

DispatchHealth’s unique model of in-home care aligns the payer, clinician, health systems and patients to provide value-based care. Since its founding, DispatchHealth has scaled its proven clinical model to offer complex home-based medical care, including mobile imaging, in 33 states and 55 markets, and contracting with multiple payers to cover 150 million lives. At its current growth rate, DispatchHealth will generate more than $2B in medical cost savings by 2023.


**Congestive Heart Failure 30-Day Readmission: Descriptive Study of Demographics, Co-morbidities, Heart Failure Knowledge, and Self-Care - PMC (

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