COVID-19: How DispatchHealth is Responding

We are taking care of your urgent health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic so you can avoid crowded healthcare settings and limit your exposure to others.


  • Our teams can treat patients that have tested positive for COVID-19 (except for patients in our Springfield, Massachusetts, and Ridgewood, New Jersey service areas)
  • COVID-19 tests are ordered by providers based on a thorough evaluation; tests are reserved for those who are at higher risk of getting very sick from this illness
  • We continue to treat other common to complex health issues
  • We have additional protocols in place to keep our patients and medical teams safe
  • Our teams wear surgical masks, gloves and protective eyewear for every patient encounter
  • For patients with respiratory and/or COVID-19 symptoms our teams also wear N95 respirator masks, eye protection, gowns and shoe covers
  • Our teams follow strict guidelines for entering and exiting patient homes, as well as disposing of material used during patient care
  • We thoroughly disinfect our kits and cars between visits
  • We have adjusted our process for screening patients over the phone
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Delivering Prompt Care
& Peace of Mind

If you or a loved one have an illness or injury, but don’t want to risk exposure by leaving the house, you can get care delivered to your doorstep with DispatchHealth. Two providers will arrive at your home, including a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, and a DispatchHealth medical technician. An ER physician is always available by phone for consults.

A Convenient Way to Request Care

A member of our team will talk through your symptoms to determine if it’s something that DispatchHealth can treat or if you should head to the nearest hospital.

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What You Need To Know
About COVID-19

Trusted information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

For Partners

While testing is limited, we are preparing to test and asses COVID-19 patients in select locations who are at higher risk. Our teams currently follow CDC guidelines for infection prevention. Contact us for more information.

For Media

Our goal is to keep the most vulnerable patients home and out of crowded environments and, with our model, DispatchHealth is uniquely positioned to help do that. Learn more about how we’re supporting the community.

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