3 Ways DispatchHealth Helps Senior Living Community Residents Save on Healthcare

Kenneth Knowles, MD
Medically reviewed by Kenneth Knowles, MDFebruary 21st, 2020
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Taking care of your community— independent living, assisted living, or memory care, —is undoubtedly your highest priority. And, while there are ways senior living communities can enhance residents’ comfort and emotional well-being, meeting their healthcare needs can become a concern. This is especially true in certain medical situations, where hospital travel can cause distress and costs can quickly add up. That’s where DispatchHealth can help. Here, we do healthcare differently by directly partnering with senior living communities to re-engineer processes for acute care medicine. This cohesive service is designed to help seniors age in place comfortably, eliminating anxieties that could otherwise surface during EMS transport or frequent ER visits. In short, DispatchHealth provides a much-needed alternative to traditional and expensive medical settings, helping senior living communities successfully navigate their residents’ healthcare journey by bridging an effective line of communication between the patient, doctor, and across the continuum of care.

Senior Living Healthcare Savings Start Here

To make the lives of senior living community residents as stress-free as possible, DispatchHealth provides mature and comprehensive in-home healthcare services that have been proven to drive significant savings in partnerships with Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage populations. The key way that DispatchHealth delivers cost savings is by proactively helping senior living communities avoid dependence on the following services:

EMS Transport

DispatchHealth has reinvented the typical ER response system by putting a stop to unnecessary EMS transports for acute medical needs. Instead, our professional medical teams provide definitive, on-scene treatment for patients in the comfort of their homes. DispatchHealth deploys comprehensive care delivery models that are supported by proprietary technology and medical training. These delivery models provide excellent solutions for senior living community residents with advanced medical and social needs at various medical stages: from emerging, acute needs to poly-chronic and end-of-life needs. According to our partners at Centura Health, “the result (of this partnership) is more people getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place, for an affordable price.” In fact, in 2018, DispatchHealth provided roughly $80.8 million in medical savings from avoidable 911 transports, ER visits, and hospitalizations.

Emergency Department

Residents in senior living communities are especially vulnerable to potential health risks that accompany high-stress travel and frequent hospitalization. The

Annals of Emergency Medicine reported that in 2013 nearly one-quarter of all patients discharged from a hospital ended up returning as ER inpatients. And once this cycle starts, it’s almost impossible to stop. What’s more, emergency departments (ED) are typically withheld from a patients’ normal continuum of care, leading to knowledge gaps concerning the aftercare of the resident. This is an ongoing challenge for senior living communities that can add up to expensive medical costs for both the organization and its dependents. By administering healthcare in the comfort of a home, issues surrounding ED become a thing of the past. DispatchHealth’s mobile medical teams can not only treat the resident but also talk with their family, witness their living conditions, and provide overall better patient follow-up and aftercare education.

Extended Stays for Observation

DispatchHealth will effectively adapt and apply care delivery solutions in coordination with your senior living community’s unique needs, services, and capabilities. This includes minimizing the need for senior living community residents to stay in expensive healthcare settings for overnight observation.

Standing By for Your Residents

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DispatchHealth understands the challenges that come from finding cohesive and affordable healthcare alternatives and resources for residents in senior living communities. With DispatchHealth as a partner, senior living communities can rest easy knowing that there is a solution. Reach out today to learn more about DispatchHealth’s in-home medical services for acute medical needs.


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