5 Delivery Services to Avoid Winter Roads

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It’s that time of year. The weather is frosty, roadways have turned icy and treacherous, and the last thing you want to do is get in the car and run errands. We all know that pizza and other foods can be delivered. And you probably are aware of the wealth of grocery delivery services available. But we’ve come across some other more unique delivery services you may not have heard about.


The wind is howling outside. The snow is thick on the ground. Roads are slick. And your little one is running a high fever. Sure, you could bundle the kids up, get in the car, brave the weather, and spend the next hour in the waiting room of your local urgent care. But wouldn’t you rather get healthcare delivered?

DispatchHealth will send a board-certified medical team to your home, office, or the location of your choice. They can handle anything your local urgent care does and more. And they treat kids, adults and seniors alike. They even take most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. But the best part is, no waiting rooms, no braving the winter weather and a caring team who will really take the time to listen and answer questions. It’s the old-fashioned house call, reimagined to meet today’s needs!


Standing outside in the bitter winter cold waiting for your gas tank to fill is no fun. And gas stations always seem to funnel the wind right through the pumps too. It’s a miserable experience every time. So why not skip it altogether and get your gas tank filled up while you sleep?

Filld offers overnight fuel delivery service. Just tell them when you need a fill up, and their drivers will come to you overnight and fill your tank for you. They base their pricing on the gas stations in your area so you’ll always get a competitive price. And they offer fleet plans too if you drive for a living or manage those who do.


Ah, laundry day. Lugging a mountain of dirty clothes to the local laundromat. Praying that enough machines are open to do the whole family’s duds at once. Don’t forget the detergent, dryer sheets, and of course plenty of quarters! Today, there’s a better way. You may know that there are now dry cleaning services that will pick up and deliver your clothing straight to your door. But did you know you can get all of your laundry cleaned and delivered?

Rinse.com will handle your delicate dry cleaning for prices that range from $2.50 to $16 per piece. But they’ll also wash and fold your tees, jeans, towels and sheets for less than $2 per pound. Want to have them handle the washing on a regular basis? Rinse Repeat subscription plans start at $59 per month, and include either weekly or bi-weekly service. Or get unlimited deliveries for the next year with a Rinse Go membership and never worry about laundry woes again!


What about when you need an adult beverage but don’t want to go out and get it? You’ve put together the perfect candle-lit dinner for your sweetheart. She’s on her way home from work. The table is set, dinner is just about done, mood music is playing and the candles are glowing. And then you realize you’re out of her favorite wine. Oops! You could risk a quick trip to the store and hope to get back before dinner burns. But why not let Saucey deliver your alcohol instead?

Since they have no order minimums, Saucey is the alcohol delivery service that will help you with that perfect wine pairing. They can also help you stock up on booze for your next big bash. Or join one of their subscription clubs to get a new brand delivered every month. So just place your order for a bottle of fine aged bourbon or a case of your favorite beer, and you’ll have your order in your hands within a half hour.

Tiff’s Treats

It’s frosty outside and you’re looking for something to warm your belly. Your sweet tooth is crying out for fresh baked goods, but you don’t have the ingredients on hand, or just don’t want to mess with baking. Why not order hot-from-the-oven cookies and brownies delivered right to your door?

Tiff’s Treats has been baking and delivering sweet treats for 20 years. These days, they also offer ice cream, frozen desserts or milk and other drinks to wash your cookies down. But in the cold of winter, you’re going to want to go for the hot and fresh cookies. They offer the usual chocolate chip and sugar cookies, but also snickerdoodles, peanut butter, white chocolate with almonds, the flavor of the week or a mix of their most popular options for when you just can’t decide. No matter which you pick, they’ll arrive warm and soft, fresh from the oven. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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