8 Hacks Toddler Parents Wish They Knew Sooner

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Being a parent is hard. It seems like you’re constantly fighting to get things done, chaos and mess are everywhere you turn, and there’s never enough time in the day. If this describes you, try out these simple hacks to make family life more efficient and smoother running.


  • Skip Urgent Care - It’s inevitable that at some point your kid is going to get sick or injured. Many parents rush off to the local urgent care clinic only to have to spend time sitting in a germy waiting room. Instead, call for healthcare delivery from DispatchHealth! They’re family-friendly, quick, and covered by most insurance plans. So the next time your kiddo isn’t feeling well, let them stay cozy in their PJs and have a qualified medical team come to you.
  • Get Everything Delivered - Today, you can have just about anything delivered. This cuts back on trips to run errands, and can be a real sanity saver when you have little ones. Need some help getting started with delivery options? We’ve got a list of some of our favorite delivery options right here.
  • The Dishwasher is Your Friend - So many things can be washed in the dishwasher to save time and sanity. Hard plastic toys, plastic hairbrushes and combs, pet dishes, bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders and soap dishes, even the kitchen sponge! Here’s a whole list of 27 items you may not realize you can clean in there.
  • Cook Extra - Whenever you can, stretch your home cooking with leftovers. Make a double batch of dinner and stick half in the freezer. Next week when you have a hectic night, you can just reheat and serve!
  • DIY Sock Grips - Toddlers have a hard enough time staying on their feet. Adding a pair of socks and a slippery floor into the mix is a recipe for tears. To make grips on the bottom of their socks, add dots from your hot glue gun or puffy paint.
  • Don’t Wait on Hold - It seems like a big part of being an adult involves waiting on hold. But let’s face it, you have plenty of better things to do! Enter LucyPhone. The app waits on hold for you, and then rings you back when it reaches a person.
  • Hire a responsible teenager or retiree - Don’t have time to drive the kids to day care? No problem! Find a trustworthy teenager or retiree to drive your family to and from activities.
  • Get an Amazon Echo Dot - Amazon Echo can save the day by keeping you on schedule with reminders, traffic updates, saved shopping lists and more.

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