4 Big Reasons Sports Parents Need this App


According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, roughly eight million youth sports injuries a year require medical treatment, and many of those wind up at the local ER. With spring sports ramping up, doctors are beginning to see an upswing in soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse related injuries. Young athletes are prone to injuries such as shoulder dislocations, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, dehydration, concussion, fractures and sprains. With the number of sports injuries rising every year, chances are your young athletes are going to need treatment sooner or later. For most people, that means a trip to the local ER. While sports injuries are painful and should be treated as soon as possible for the best outcome, the ER may not be the best option. But is there a better way? With the tap of a button, DispatchHealth delivers on-demand medical care to you, and can treat your child at home or wherever they happen to be most comfortable. Our care providers are ER-trained and ready to treat just about anything that could be handled by an urgent care center, plus a few things that they typically don’t treat. Let’s break down the benefits.


Most ER visits take a long time. With an average of four hours, some visits could take significantly longer. By contrast, the average time spent waiting between initial contact and a DispatchHealth medical team arriving at your door is just a few hours. Just think of all the things you could accomplish with the rest of that time. And since you’ll be waiting at home, you can work on homework, cook dinner, or do whatever else you need to do while we’re on the way.


The average cost of an ER visit is roughly $2,000 and that number seems to be increasing as time goes on. A visit from a DispatchHealth medical team will cost eight to ten times less. And since we’ve partnered with just about all of the leading health insurance companies, you’re most likely covered for a visit. We even accept Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare!


In a traditional medical setting, you’re only given about 15 minutes of facetime with a provider. That doesn’t allow much time for answering questions or even getting to know your child. Our clinicians spend three times as long, for an average of 45 minutes with each patient. We’ll take the time to understand you, and to make sure you understand us. We’ll even communicate with your child’s primary doctor to keep them informed of the injury and any treatments administered.


Don’t want to drive halfway across town while your child is in pain in the back seat? Don’t want to force your little one to navigate a crowded parking lot on an injured leg? Don’t want to pay for a pricey and terrifying ambulance ride? No problem. Stay right where you are and request care on our app. We’ll meet you at home, at your child’s school, or right there on the soccer field or baseball diamond. Since we come to you, there’s no need to try to get your injured athlete into the car if it’s difficult. Just relax and try to stay as comfortable as possible and we’ll be on our way. So the next time your star performer is injured on the field, don’t run to the local ER. Instead, prepare for the worst and download our app. That way, the next time your kiddo has an injury you can have a qualified medical team come to you to splint a fracture, administer IV fluids for a dehydrated youngster, or stitch up a cut without the hassle and expense of an ER.

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