Meet Wells Holbrook, DispatchHealth Physician Associate


Wells Holbrook (Credit: Knox News)

Making an impact in Knoxville and beyond

Wells Holbrook, a physician associate (PA) with DispatchHealth, has a lifelong commitment to the health and safety of others. He is part of our team in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Recently named to the “40 Under 40” list by Knox News, Wells was selected because of his dedication to serving others, regardless of where he encounters people in need of his skills.

Wells is an Air Force veteran, Tennessee Air National Guard member, Wilderness EMT and Team BUSAR (Backcountry Unit Search and Rescue) training officer in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. His passion for emergency response makes him a perfect fit for DispatchHealth and our in-home acute care delivery model.

“My backcountry and military training allow me to respond confidently to serious situations,” says Wells. “Plus, DispatchHealth offers a supportive environment for veterans like me who are transitioning to a civilian career. About 25% of the team in Knoxville is former military.”

The right career destination

After graduating from Butler University with a doctorate in medical science, Wells began his job search in earnest. He looked at emergency and urgent care roles, as well as family practice opportunities. But, when he saw our posting for the DispatchHealth Transition to Practice Fellowship, he knew he’d found his career destination.

“First of all, when I applied to DispatchHealth, I heard back from a real person,” says Wells. “Not an automated system or a form letter. What clinched it for me, though, was the ride-along that is an optional part of the advanced practice provider interview. It was an easy fit for me.”

“I liked the fact that I would have a broad scope of practice at the outset of my career, rather than being pigeonholed in a specialty that might not be right for me. DispatchHealth checked every box for me. I‘m out in the community, traveling locally, meeting people and doing work I love.”

A balance of autonomy and support

The DispatchHealth Transition to Practice Fellowship offers new NPs or PAs like Wells an ideal balance of autonomy and support. “My mentors at Butler told me to look for a supportive employer,” he says. “I knew I would get the training and safety net I needed as a new graduate. All PAs in the program have a preceptor for the first two months, which is important.”

“The biggest difference I see at DispatchHealth versus my clinical rotations is that the time spent with the patient is so much better,” Wells explains.

“A big part of our care is listening to the patient, seeing their living environment and educating them to a level consistent with their health literacy. I have had patients tell me that they’ve never had a provider explain things to them like we do.”

“For example, we don’t just set up the medications in their pillbox,” continues Wells. “We also make a big chart that explains their schedule of care, when they should take their pills and so on. We look for household hazards and other social determinants of health, as well. I am very motivated by health equity, and DispatchHealth was created to serve all high acuity patients.”

Built on excellence

“Anyone who joins DispatchHealth will also find a culture built on evidence-based medicine, quality and safe care and patient outcomes. Employee satisfaction matters here, too. I would encourage qualified healthcare professionals to apply and interview for any of our roles. If you do the ride-along, you’ll see what we’re all about.”

DispatchHealth has nearly 50 locations across the United States. We continue to grow with a focus on transforming healthcare for today and tomorrow. Learn more about all our career opportunities now.

We are still accepting applications for the Spring 2023 cohort of our Transition to Practice Fellowship for NPs and PAs. Apply by February 28 to be considered.

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