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Family caregivers play an essential role in our society. In addition to performing day-to-day tasks for their loved ones—such as cooking for them, bathing them, managing their medications, and helping them get around the house and to their appointments—caregivers also:

  • Provide companionship – When someone is healthy and active, they regularly have opportunities for social interaction, whether it be while they’re at the grocery store or out for a run. But for individuals who are homebound, this interaction can be much harder to come by, the lack of which could have serious health consequences. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that loneliness and social isolation could increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, anxiety, and depression. Luckily, family caregivers provide the socialization that their loved ones need, even by doing something as simple as chatting while making dinner or folding laundry.

  • Serve as advocates – All too often, individuals who require care fail to stand up for themselves when needed for fear of being seen as a bother. Family caregivers don’t let this happen. For example, in addition to driving their loved ones to doctors’ offices, caregivers will often sit in during the appointment and speak up if their loved ones are downplaying the severity of their symptoms.

  • Enhance their loved ones’ quality of life – When someone stops being able to care for themselves, they tend to lose out on many of life’s little pleasures. If they can’t stand at the stove long enough to cook their favorite foods, they end up eating freezer meals. And if they can no longer drive a car, they’re forced to miss out on parties and other get-togethers with their friends. Family caregivers know what brings their loved ones joy, and often go above and beyond to make their lives worth living.

The Strain of Caregiving

Unfortunately, fulfilling the duties of caregiving can place an enormous strain on a person. Family caregivers often have to juggle their caregiving duties with full-time jobs and other obligations. Plus, many of them are essentially on call 24/7, leaving little time for their own interests. All of this can lead to:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Other health problems

How DispatchHealth Supports Caregivers

At DispatchHealth, we recognize the crucial role that caregivers play in their loved ones’ lives, and we also understand how much of a weight this can place on them. We’re pleased to offer in-home treatment services that can make life easier for family caregivers, including both those who live nearby and those who live far away.

If you provide care for a loved one who lives close by, you may feel like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that you need to get done. DispatchHealth can take at least some of these tasks off your plate. By bringing medical care straight to your loved one’s home, we can free up your time to cook their meals, do their laundry, or even just sit with them and enjoy their company in the comfort of their own home.

Our services also provide an immeasurable benefit for long-distance caregivers with medical power of attorney. Trying to take care of a loved one from a remote location can be incredibly stressful. You’re not close enough to drive them to and from their doctor appointments, so you have to coordinate these visits from afar. DispatchHealth makes this process easier. If your loved one has told you that they’re feeling under the weather, but their symptoms aren’t severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER, you can arrange a visit from DispatchHealth and feel confident that your loved one is receiving the care they need.

Request a Visit for Your Loved One

If you’d like to schedule a time for DispatchHealth to visit your loved one’s home and administer care, contact us today. It’s easy to request a visit—you can set up an appointment by either calling us or visiting our website, and our team will arrive in as little as two hours (we’ll supply you with an accurate arrival time when you schedule the visit). We look forward to providing you with the support you need as you care for your family member or friend.

* Please note: For life-threatening and time-sensitive injuries and illnesses, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. DispatchHealth shouldn’t be used in a life-threatening emergency and doesn’t replace a primary care provider.


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