Parent Hack for Sick Days: Pediatric Care Delivery

Sick Girl at School

It’s that time of year again.

Back to school for many kids also means back to germs. If it seems like the classroom is the perfect breeding ground for germs and illness, you’re not alone. From head lice to chickenpox to the flu, there are plenty of contagions floating around your child’s school.

The problem is so common that this year the CDC even released a list of 9 back to school health hacks. The list includes preventative measures like washing hands, keeping up with vaccinations, and maintaining proper diet and exercise routines. But no matter how carefully you prepare, there’s no way to be certain that your kids won’t get sick.

If your little ones do bring home some illness, it’s best to keep them home to avoid spreading the germs further. While TV may tell us sick days are a lot of fun, the reality can be a stark contrast. But smart moms know a shortcut to get pediatric care delivered on sick days: DispatchHealth.

Skip the Waiting Room

The last thing you want to do with a sick little one is to get stuck sitting in your local ER waiting room. Your child feels miserable and cranky. You may have to bring along preschool age siblings and expose them to all sorts of germs. And let’s face it, you’d much rather do just about anything else with your time.


If you’ve ever watched old movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and dreamed of the days when the doctor would come to you, good news: the house call is back!

Now there’s no need to pack your sick child into the car and drag them away from the comforts of bed or the living room couch. Caring and qualified providers from DispatchHealth are happy to come to you and can treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries from the comfort of home.

They can help with respiratory problems, fevers, skin rashes, and stomach viruses. In fact, they can treat nearly everything an emergency room can. Not sure if your child’s illness would fall within their abilities? Just give them a call and they’ll be happy to assess their symptoms via a free consultation over the phone and tell you if you should stay put and wait for their team or head to your local hospital immediately.

Care for the Whole Family

As bad as having one sick child can be, the nightmare really starts when a bug spreads through the whole house. Parents, siblings, even grandparents can become sick. When more than one generation is ill, it can mean trips to several doctor’s offices, all across town. Or, you could just stay put and call DispatchHealth.

That’s right, they can treat more than just your pediatric patients. From the youngest family member to the oldest, these ER-trained teams are there for you. Grandma’s hypertension? Your teen’s football injury? The toddler’s fever and runny nose? They can do it all. So don’t hesitate to reach out to DispatchHealth no matter who is under the weather.

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