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Break the 911 cycle for your patients, residents and clients

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Treat complex conditions in-house with exceptional on-demand healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed significant gaps in our current healthcare system, especially the ways in we which deliver care to the nation’s most vulnerable populations. Healthcare is rapidly moving beyond the facility-based model, and with DispatchHealth, it’s easy to evolve along with it.

With DispatchHealth, you can:

  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Decrease hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Avoid potential loss of resident/patient/client to a higher level of care
  • Drive significant medical cost savings
  • Improve health outcomes and achieve unparalleled patient satisfaction
  • Enhance your offerings at no cost to your organization

What’s inside

  • An introduction to mobile acute care as an alternative to 911, when urgent (but not life-threatening) medical situations arise that are beyond the scope of your in-house care capacity
  • An overview of how our services work, what we treat, and why DispatchHealth is a valuable resource for your community and those you care for, especially in the era of COVID-19
  • An exploration of how senior living communities and home health have used DispatchHealth’s same-day, mobile care to streamline operations and improve outcomes
  • A personal story from a DispatchHealth patient, explaining how COVID-19 impacted her healthcare decisions as an older patient with multiple health complications.

We’ll help to extend your care capabilities, seamlessly integrating with your current system to deliver high-acuity treatment for complex medical concerns. When the situation is urgent (but not life- or limb-threatening,) use us as a free resource for exceptional, intensive care that you can proudly offer.