Your “Go-To” 911 alternative for urgent but not life-threatening conditions or injuries

The global pandemic laid bare we must continue expanding the ways we care for and protect our vulnerable seniors.

DispatchHealth is pleased to host a special informative webinar for people interested in advancing healthcare access to seniors and discovering an alternative option to calling 911 for urgent but not-life threatening conditions or injuries.

On-Demand30 min.

Topics Covered

  • Learn about an alternative solution to calling 911 when health situations arise that are urgent but not-life threatening, but beyond the scope of care you can provide in-house
  • Discover how it works, what can be treated, and why it is helpful to your community and those you care for, especially in this COVID-era
  • Explore how senior living and home health have utilized same-day complex healthcare in their community
  • Patient Perspective – hear from a DispatchHealth patient as she explains how COVID has impacted her decisions around receiving healthcare, especially as an older patient with multiple health complications

Webinar Speaker

Mick Nemet


Mick has dedicated his career to helping seniors throughout all levels of the care continuum gain access to quality healthcare.

Before joining DispatchHealth, Mick spent the previous 18 years in multiple leadership roles, including careers in insurance, wellness, home health, and hospice. After successfully leading high-performing sales teams, now Mick leads a talented team of Business Development Representatives focused on bringing DispatchHealth’s unique care model to those in need.

Mick is a 16-year military veteran and still serves today in the Navy Reserves. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Kate and son Miko.

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