Case Study: Complex labs

The hospital alternative in action: Acute Care

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Introduction & Presentation

Meet Sharon, a 68-year-old female who called her PCP to report a 10-pound weight gain over the past three days, in addition to being more fatigued than normal. The patient’s nursing care manager at the PCP office called DispatchHealth to request an in-home visit.


The power of DispatchHealth

History: Patient had an electrical cardioversion 6 days prior, anemia, cardiac arrhythmia, CHF, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, obesity.

Physical exam: Abdomen distended with no tenderness or guarding, bilateral lower extremity edema 3/6, systolic heart murmur 2/6.

On-site labs: Chem 8 on-site findings of low hemoglobin levels, normal electrolytes, normal EKG.

Medication reconciliation: Furosemide administered on site and prescription ordered.

SDOH assessment: No urgent concerns identified.

Education: Extensive disease specific education and the importance of following up with PCP for anemia.

Care coordination: Discussed care plan and shared encounter summary with PCP.

Sharon’s experience:

This patient was able to avoid being transported to the ER which
would have resulted in expensive medical costs and the challenges of transitional care.

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