Benefits of pursuing a career in radiology

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Radiology is an advantageous and fulfilling career for people who enjoy helping others and are interested in utilizing advanced medical technologies. If you are considering pursuing a career in radiology as a technologist, DispatchHealth offers an exciting and unique opportunity to do so.

In December of 2021, DispatchHealth acquired Dynamic Medical Imaging—one of the foremost mobile imaging providers in the United States. Combined with our previous acquisition of Professional Portable X-ray (PPX), this acquirement firmly cements our position as the most comprehensive in-home medical care provider in the country. As a DispatchHealth radiology technologist, you will travel to homes and long-term care facilities to provide important imaging services to patients, many of whom have trouble receiving timely medical attention due to physical disabilities, illness, social phobias, or lack of reliable transportation. By bringing radiology into the home environment, you will play an essential role in helping your patients find answers to their questions and achieve their best health—without being confined to the walls of a hospital or imaging center.

A Chat with a DispatchHeath radiology technologist

We sat down with a DispatchHealth radiology technologist to discuss the benefits of a radiology career and the distinct advantages of working with DispatchHealth. Here’s what she had to say:

What are the necessary steps to becoming a successful radiology technologist?

You have to graduate from an accredited radiography program, pass the registry, and become certified with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

What does a career with DispatchHealth look like?

Working with DispatchHealth is ideal for those who function well with little supervision and have flexibility in their schedules. We look for technologists who put the patient’s needs and limitations first. There is a significant amount of trust put into our technologists to self-manage their workload. Communication is extremely important with everyone we meet, from patients and nurses to supervisors, our office staff, and coworkers in the field.

It is extremely rewarding to help patients who may not have much interaction with family or friends, especially during the pandemic. We can bring necessary patient care along with a friendly conversation to those who may have limited access to people in general.

What are the advantages of working with us instead of at a brick-and-mortar imaging location?

During your travels, you will be able to stop at all the restaurants and coffee shops you have ever wanted to try! I say that in jest, but I certainly have my favorite lunch spots when I know I am going through a certain town that day. I really love the ability to spend a few minutes talking to each patient. I have worked in hospital settings in the past where it felt like an assembly line...get them in, get them out. We can spend a few minutes putting the patient at ease and explaining what we are doing, and that typically creates a great environment for exceptional patient care.

Is there any other information that potential employees should know?

DispatchHealth has invested in the latest and greatest modern technology so our technologists can be assured that they will have the appropriate tools to deliver excellent patient care. We are also proud to be the only Joint Commission-accredited mobile X-ray company in the nation. This speaks to the fact that we genuinely care about the safety of our employees and the patients we serve.

In summary, what are the main benefits of becoming a radiology technologist for DispatchHealth?

  • You work independently and are not micromanaged.
  • You visit new sites daily.
  • Your schedule is flexible.
  • You earn a competitive salary.
  • You will enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine!

Learn more

DispatchHealth is actively building the country’s most expansive healthcare system and is growing in every department—radiology included. If you are intrigued at the idea of stepping out of the traditional healthcare box and making important medical services more accessible to patients in a variety of environments, view DispatchHealth’s career openings or contact us today to learn more information. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your career goals.

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