Why This Busy Mom gets Healthcare Delivered


Leigh Picchetti is what you’d call a supermom. Between owning a consulting business and raising a family, her day is jam-packed. And like most moms, she’d tell you that more often than not time management feels nearly impossible. But sometimes, it’s OK to admit that you just need a little help.

So when her 6-year-old son scraped his thumb while playing on a trampoline and it became infected within a few days, she dreaded the idea of taking several hours out of her day to take her son and healthy four-year-old daughter to a germ-filled emergency room or urgent care. She immediately texted a photo to a friend, who is a nurse practitioner, and asked which one she should head to. “She said don’t do either, and told me about DispatchHealth,” said Picchetti.

DispatchHealth brings comfortable healthcare to your home. Their board-certified medical teams have the expertise, technology and tools necessary to provide compassionate, sophisticated care right from your living room, allowing for excellent care at a lower cost.

Patients son receiving urgent-care at home

Within an hour of giving DispatchHealth a call, a friendly nurse practitioner and EMT arrived at her front door. After assessing the situation, they drained her son’s infected blister and sterilized and bandaged the area, all while her son watched a movie on his iPad. “My DispatchHealth nurse practitioner talked to me at length about after-care for my son’s injury and left me with detailed, printed directions for our family and the school nurse.”

Not only was the service high-quality, but it was also cost-effective. Leigh paid an urgent care copay of about $75, and her insurance, Cigna, covered the rest. The following day she received a call from her son’s pediatrician — who had been contacted by DispatchHealth — to schedule a follow-up appointment. “It was just incredibly convenient. Not having to take time out of my day to leave the house and seek out medical care was a huge relief. Since my son’s wound was urgent but not emergent, I knew we would fall to the bottom of the triage list and could potentially wait many hours to see a healthcare provider. When I learned that a DispatchHealth house call actually lessens the financial burden on the healthcare system, I went from feeling somewhat self-indulgent to becoming one of this service’s biggest advocates. I don’t think we’ll ever set foot in an urgent care clinic or ER again.”

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