Back-to-School Illnesses: What to Watch Out For


As kids return to school, so do the germs. Unfortunately, classrooms are breeding grounds for contagions; it’s a community that unintentionally encourages the spread of contagious infections, as kids participate in hands-on learning activities and interact with their peers. And it’s one of the many reasons why back-to-school colds are so common in the fall. That being said, schools are continuing to take many measures to protect staff and students from COVID-19. Those precautions have majorly altered classroom atmospheres, limiting the spread of germs via person-to-person contact. Despite these extreme measures, however, students can still fall victim to the common cold and other viral back-to-school illnesses—making it important for you to stay on high alert for symptoms.

Common Classroom Contagions

Here are some common back-to-school illnesses to watch out for as your kiddos return to the classroom:

Flu (Influenza)

The flu is a very common back-to-school illness and easy to mistake for the common cold; both illnesses share similar symptoms like congestion, a sore throat, and nausea. However, unlike colds, the flu strikes fast, and symptoms will typically begin to show within 24 hours of contraction. Flu symptoms also tend to be more severe than cold symptoms, including:

Strep Throat

Strep throat is a bacterial infection, and it’s very common in children and teens. Red and white patches along inflamed tonsils at the back of the throat make this infection easy to spot. The inflammation can also make the throat feel extremely painful and scratchy, especially when swallowing.


By now, most people know that COVID-19 is a very contagious respiratory virus that displays mild to severe flu-like symptoms. However, with the COVID-19 Delta variant surging across much of the nation, parents need to keep a watchful eye out for symptoms and educate their kids on prevention practices that can keep the virus at bay.

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