House Calls Span Three Generations in One Home

As a health insurance broker, wife and mother of two, Katie Roth, certainly has her hands full and schedule packed. Like most families, when sickness or injury strikes the Roth household, it’s difficult to coordinate the care needed given the traditional hospital wait times. So when Katie heard of a reputable healthcare service that treat patients in their own home she was quickly intrigued.

Katie became an ardent advocate the day her husband was treated for the flu. “He had spent two days on the couch. DispatchHealth came out and tested, then treated him on-site. They diagnosed it, wrote a prescription and called it in. Everything was taken care of,” she points out.

It’s been a family affair for the Roth’s. After a refreshing first experience two years ago, DispatchHealth has treated Katie and her husband, their children and even Katie’s mother-in-law. “We’ve had amazing experiences and are huge fans of DispatchHealth. As a mother of two children, this really appealed. They could be treated on our own couch. When you call, they give you an ETA. Then they let you know where they’re on their way,” she says. Even seeking treatment for herself one Memorial Day holiday. What Katie thought was pink eye, DispatchHealth was able to diagnose as a corneal abrasion and administered numbing drops on-site.

Katie family embed

Katie Roth and her family

Katie Roth and her family

When her mother-in-law got sick and stopped eating for three days, a house call revealed a urinary tract infection, for which the appropriate antibiotic was prescribed on the spot. Katie shares, “She also gets dizzy when her insulin isn’t right. Even getting her upstairs can be an issue. DispatchHealth has treated her here, in the home, and we don’t have to disrupt her day.”

While The Roth’s have received care for a multitude of reasons, Katie shares the top four reasons they look to DispatchHealth as their “first line” of healthcare for the entire family:


Katie enthusiastically explains, “They are just so comforting and respectful — always telling me what’s going on. All medical history is logged and on file versus having to recite it each time there’s a visit. They follow up and ask what they can do rather than telling you to call them if you have problems.”

Delivery Servie for Parents

Comfort is further boosted by time spent treating versus time wasted waiting. DispatchHealth takes time to ask questions, diagnose, provide treatment and education, “They always bring two people; one treats while the other handles the paperwork. It was amazing!” She adds that there is always a report sent to her PCP to ensure full sharing of all encountered information for the betterment of the patient’s health.

A Neighborhood Network

Working together to serve the community, DispatchHealth has had a partnership with South Metro Fire since launching in 2013. Last year, West Metro Fire joined in to deliver cost-saving acute care to local residents.

Katie, too, stands behind DispatchHealth. As an insurance broker, she recommends DispatchHealth to her insureds as an affordable, convenient and competent option. Each medical kit DispatchHealth brings to a patient visit comes equipped with nearly all of the tools and technologies found in the emergency room. This allows for conditions traditionally treated in the ER to instead be handled in the comfort of one’s home — with minimal wait times and an abundance of bedside manner. “DispatchHealth is really changing the way people seek healthcare. I wish I would have come up with this idea.”


Citing total transparency and communication as refreshing healthcare experiences, Katie emphasizes, “They deliver on everything they assure you about; and tell you what they’re doing. If they know it’s something they are not able to treat, they will help you with the next steps.”


Beyond medical teams in the field, Katie commends the training and understanding of those answering the phones. “They understand the issues and can be accurate,” Katie says. This is a valuable asset complementing algorithms used to initially assess a situation, and can be critical to assuring that patient calls are handled in the best way possible.

With six visits in the last two years, the Roth’s have been able to take advantage of the modern-day house call, and DispatchHealth is proud to offer an inclusive service that can treat three generations of a family.

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