Myth 6: How does DispatchHealth best support primary care physicians and other specialists

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If you’re a primary care physician or a specialized provider, you might assume that DispatchHealth is competing for your patients’ business. That’s actually not the case. At DispatchHealth, we strive to collaborate with other practitioners, not compete with them. Our goal is to integrate urgent medical care with that of a patient’s current healthcare team. Rather than taking business away from you, we supplement your services when you’re unavailable or when your patients are unable to make it to your office for whatever reason.

So, what do we do to support primary care physicians and other specialists? Whenever we finish treating a patient, we always encourage them to follow up with their primary care provider afterward. And to ensure continuity of care, we send a detailed report to the patient’s primary care physician and other pertinent team members.

When Should Your Patients Use Our Services?

DispatchHealth is a great alternative for those times when patients can’t take advantage of your services. Patients might opt to use DispatchHealth:

When Your Office Is Closed

Unless your practice is open 24/7, chances are good that there will be times when your office is closed and one of your patients requires prompt treatment. Rather than heading to the emergency room for something that’s not a true emergency, they can rely on DispatchHealth. For example, if one of your COPD patients experiences an exacerbation at night or on a weekend or holiday, we can deliver care straight to his or her home.

When They Can’t Leave the House

In some instances, your office will be open and available for treatment, but extenuating circumstances prevent a patient from leaving their house and traveling to your location. Perhaps someone came down with food poisoning and is now experiencing diarrhea, and as a result, doesn’t feel comfortable being too far from a toilet. Or maybe a parent is at home with multiple children—at least one of whom is sick—and can’t handle getting all of the kids dressed and into the car, yet also can’t find a babysitter. When a situation like this arises and one of your patients doesn’t have the means to get to you, we can step in to provide the care they need until circumstances once again allow them to visit your office in person.

How It Works

It’s easy for patients to request a visit from DispatchHealth. They can contact us by phone, on our website, or through our mobile app. Once they’ve gotten in touch with us, one of our fully equipped mobile healthcare teams will arrive at their home within just a few hours. After diagnosing their condition and administering treatment, we’ll call in any necessary prescriptions, prepare a detailed report for your review, and direct them to follow up with you.

Find Out More

If you’d like to know more about what DispatchHealth can do to support your practice, contact us today. One of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our services, the various conditions we treat, and the steps we take to support providers like you. * Please note: For life-threatening and time-sensitive injuries and illnesses, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. DispatchHealth shouldn’t be used in a life-threatening emergency and doesn’t replace a primary care provider.

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