Do Those in Your Care Have the Right Medicare Coverage?

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Ninety-four percent of people have not chosen the optimal Medicare plan.* They either do not have enough coverage, or they are paying for more coverage than they will use. But with Medicare open enrollment underway, individuals can now review their coverage and change plans to best ensure their clinical and financial needs are met. As caregivers, we now have the opportunity to ensure that our patients and residents have access to information that helps them find their best Medicare coverage option. Individuals are inundated with Medicare options and finding the right coverage has historically been a complicated process. There are thousands of coverage combinations, and to many, the selection process is overwhelming. Patients can be left vulnerable if they don’t select the appropriate coverage to meet their needs. We can maintain the integrity of the relationship with those in our care by directing them to unbiased information that can have a positive impact on their healthcare.

DispatchHealth has partnered with Well-Advised, an unbiased, confidential and free technology that helps individuals identify the best Medicare coverage option to meet their needs.

DispatchHealth cares about the well-being of patients on issues ranging from clinical care to food security. Ensuring patients have the best healthcare coverage is another way we extend our value. This consideration of complete patient well-being prompted us to partner with Well-Advised. Well-Advised was built by a physician, a former hospital administrator and technology experts who identified the importance of ensuring that patients have optimal healthcare coverage. The technology developed by Well-Advised enables individuals to input preferences and priorities for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare budget and more. It then assesses ALL Medicare coverage options available and generates an unbiased and commission-blind recommendation that best fits the individual’s preferences and priorities and meets their financial needs. Well-Advised has taken the historically complicated task of choosing the right Medicare coverage option and made it simple and straight-forward. And, Well-Advised supports individuals all the way through the Medicare enrollment process. Imagine if every patient or resident in your care utilized this free tool to ensure they had the best Medicare coverage to meet their personal needs. Patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes could be significantly improved.

Getting Started with Your Patients and Residents

You can learn more about Well-Advised on their website. And, if you’d like to see how this solution could be offered to all of the patients or residents in your care, contact Mimi Roberson, COO of Well-Advised at *Sources Plan Selection in Medicare Part D: Evidence from Administrative Data. 2012 by Florian Heiss, Adam Leive, Daniel McFadden, and Joachim Winter.

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