Healthcare Cost Confusion Magnified for Seniors

One of life’s great mysteries is the cost of healthcare. In many cases, it can feel like giving a health provider a blank check and letting them fill in the amount. Only then does the patient know the price. It’s confusing and frustrating. For seniors, concerns can be amplified. As age increases, so does the […]

Mobility-Challenged Seniors Deserve Better Healthcare

As overall health and mobility continue to decline, fewer seniors with health concerns are opting to drive themselves or get a friend, caregiver or family member to help. They either sit, wait and worry or call 911. Fortunately, new alternatives from telemedicine to mobile urgent care house calls are providing better ways to triage and […]

Flu Complications Hit Seniors Hard; House Calls can Help

While every season presents health challenges to seniors, this winter is proving especially difficult. Flu, fever, sinus infections, pneumonia and related complications are hitting hard, fast and often. Compounding the problem is confusion about what symptoms mean. For example, according to, sub-normal temperature as well as fever can accompany pneumonia: “Lower than normal body temperature […]

Why Sick Seniors Should Get a House Call

It’s Friday night and you suddenly feel a sharp head pain. Fearing something worse than a common headache, you do a few quick self-tests to check balance and coordination. Everything seems okay, but the pain won’t subside. What do you do? If you’re like way too many seniors, you decide to wait and see. The […]