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How DispatchHealth supports access to medical care for seniors

How DispatchHealth Supports Access to Medical Care for Seniors

DispatchHealth believes that aging should be honored and celebrated. By bringing high-acuity medical care to senior living communities, we’re able to provide the support that staff needs to ensure continuity of care for residents. Unneeded trips to the emergency room for underlying health conditions and age-related injuries can be both hard and disruptive to residents, their families, and caregivers. It creates anxiety that takes away from the community’s ultimate purpose, which is to provide seniors with a comfortable and safe environment to age in place.

To help assisted and independent living communities preserve and build this holistic sense of community for their residents, DispatchHealth provides in-home access to medical care for seniors. We pride ourselves on offering this unique alternative to traditional, facility-based medical care, which all but eliminates the negative impact of EMS transportation and extended hospital stays for observation.

Cutting Out the Middleman

When residents require medical treatment beyond what a community’s in-house team can provide, finding affordable care options becomes a priority. By providing an alternative to unnecessary EMS transports for residents’ acute medical needs, DispatchHealth has reinvented the typical emergency response system for senior living communities.

Our teams provide on-scene treatment for patients in the comfort and privacy of their homes. From addressing new, acute conditions to providing chronic or end-of-life support, our in-home delivery model is a valuable solution that can improve the quality of life in senior living communities. By cutting out the “middleman,” we’re also able to lessen the need for residents to stay in expensive healthcare settings for overnight observation—eliminating the potential health risks connected to high-stress travel and frequent hospitalization.

Offering a Humanized Approach to Healthcare

Providing affordable access to on-scene healthcare isn’t the only way DispatchHealth supports residents in senior living communities. Our in-home medical service is not only much more discrete—helping community staff better maintain residential privacy—but it’s a more humanized approach to healthcare. Instead of residents having to go to the ER or an urgent care clinic to receive medical attention, they can remain in their apartment and comfortably wait for advanced and/or acute care.

There are no bells and loud sirens, simply a team of friendly medical professionals who are prepared to provide personalized care to a resident in need—it’s like a visit from a friend. Our teams focus on building personal connections with residents while they’re administering treatment, chatting about family and hobbies or asking about pictures on the walls. It’s in establishing this sense of trust that we’re able to help build communities with a holistic vision.

Find the Support Your Community Needs

If you’re interested in learning more about how DispatchHealth can support your residents by reducing unnecessary ER visits, improving patient outcomes, and decreasing healthcare costs for seniors, reach out today! We’ve partnered with numerous senior living communities across the nation, bringing our advanced, on-demand care to residents in various medical stages. Hear from one of our current partners and their experience with DispatchHealth’s services!

About DispatchHealth

DispatchHealth brings the power of the hospital to the comfort of home™

DispatchHealth works in conjunction with health systems, provider groups, senior living communities, home health organizations, payers and employers to provide a comprehensive spectrum of healthcare services, ensuring that most patients with acute, intensive, or chronic health conditions can receive exceptional and cost-effective medical care at home. We provide top-rated, high-acuity healthcare for medically complex patients in their home.

Patients can also contact DispatchHealth directly by phone, app or website. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies.

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