DispatchHealth Launches in Knoxville, Tennessee


Need same-day medical care, but don’t want to brave the emergency room during the COVID-19 crisis? DispatchHealth is here to help. Treating simple to complex illnesses, we offer convenient, same-day medical care within the comfort of your own home—and we’re launching in

Knoxville, TN, on November 12th, 2020.

With 25 locations across the country already and new ones on the horizon, we’ve made it our mission to bring a convenient, cost-effective alternative to avoidable ER visits nationwide.


Skip the ER and Receive the Care You Need at Home


At DispatchHealth, we deliver in-home medical care to people of all ages, including children. We can treat most of the things an ER can, including (but not limited to):

We also offer in-home testing and treatment for symptoms of

COVID-19. And don’t worry; we’re taking extensive precautions to keep our staff and patients safe from the coronavirus, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and thoroughly sanitizing our gear and vehicles in between every visit.

What Sets Us Apart?

For people with complex conditions, ER visits can be a hassle—not to mention, expensive. DispatchHealth’s in-home care model allows you to receive the treatment you need without having to leave home—and without the pricey hospital bill. We can treat almost everything an ER can, providing any necessary prescription medications and looping your primary care physician in with a detailed medical report after our visit to ensure continuity of care.

We happily accept most major medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. But if you’re uninsured, don’t worry; we also offer an affordable flat rate for our services. You can expect to spend about the same that you would on a visit to an urgent care clinic.

A Few Words from Local Leader Mark Atkins

Why are you excited to be part of DispatchHealth?

DispatchHealth is an on-demand urgent care company that comes to the home, and we are very excited to launch in Knoxville! DispatchHealth is making traditional house calls innovative by combining clinical excellence and technology to provide our patients with a world class experience. DispatchHealth provides an alternative to facility-based care by delivering on-demand care to patients at home where they recover safely, comfortably and at a lower cost.

Why is DispatchHealth launching in your area?

DispatchHealth respects the patients in the Knoxville area and sees that our services are in great need. Through providing affordable and convenient healthcare DispatchHealth is going to work with the current overloaded Knoxville healthcare system to provide patients the care they need safely and efficiently in the home setting.

How will DispatchHealth make an impact on healthcare in the Knoxville area?

DispatchHealth works with health systems, providers, home health and senior communities to work to drive value across the continuum of care. DispatchHealth partners with the healthcare community to help keep patients out of busy waiting rooms and, in some cases, the emergency room. Our medical team arrives at the home within a few hours with the clinical training and equipment to treat complex injuries and illnesses, saving money to the insurance providers and patients. There are so many use cases for our model that we are excited to start driving value to the Knoxville community.

Anything else you’d like to share about Dispatch Health’s expansion into Tennessee?

DispatchHealth’s entry into Knoxville will give patients, healthcare systems, partners, and payers of the general community what they are in so desperate need of at this time. We will care for each patient as if they were our own family and do all we can to change the face of healthcare for the better. I foresee that this launch is going to revolutionize the way healthcare will be delivered in this state and this excites me more than I can explain!

Contact Us Today

Do you live in the Knoxville, TN, area, and need medical care at home? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can request care on our website, download our app, or give us a call at 865-276-6969 to receive the treatment you need on your doorstep within a few hours.

Interested in partnering with DispatchHealth? Contact Mark Atkins at mark.atkins@dispatchhealth.com.

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