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The New Way Primary Care Physicians are Improving Care and Lowering Costs for High-Risk Patients

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As a primary care physician, your patients are your world. Each one presents a healthcare puzzle to which you masterfully help them solve. However, ensuring that high-risk patients with urgent care demands have access to the timely and affordable medical attention that they need—when they need it—has remained a long-standing source of frustration for PCPs, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fortunately, there’s a new way that primary care physicians are improving access to healthcare and lowering costs for their high-risk patients. The solution: A partnership with DispatchHealth. DispatchHealth brings high-quality, acute care directly to your patients’ homes when urgent health needs arise during busy clinic days or after hours or to help your elderly or immunocompromised patients maintain “shelter in place” guidelines to avoid contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) in public places. For complete continuity of care, these modern-day house call providers will also fully document your patients’ visits and send detailed clinical notes directly to you.

Provider Practice Integration

DispatchHealth extends the reach of your practice by offering extensive clinical capabilities that allow for definitive, acute care in the home. For example, this modern-day house call could be appropriate for high-risk patients who:

  • Are at high risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19), such as seniors, immunocompromised individuals, and people with asthma
  • Can’t receive prompt medical care from their primary care physician due to after-hour needs
  • Have trouble finding transportation or who have difficulty leaving the home due to mobility limitations, memory care diagnoses, or severe illness
  • Are experiencing acute symptoms due to a chronic illness but don’t require an expensive ER setting
  • Tend to heavily rely on emergency services for lower acuity needs

Chances are, as a primary care physician, you’ve experienced these circumstances with one or more of your high-risk patients. By partnering with an at-home acute medical service, like DispatchHealth, PCPs can help reduce unnecessary ER visits and readmissions among their patient population and increase their access to timely care. 

The Value of On-Demand Care Programs

Each DispatchHealth medical team consists of either a physician assistant or nurse practitioner along with a DispatchHealth medical technician (DHMT) and an on-call physician. The medical kits DispatchHealth brings to a patient visit contain nearly all of the tools and technologies found in an ER, allowing the medical team to perform a variety of advanced tests—including coronavirus (COVID-19) for high-risk individuals—and treatments including on-scene laboratory testing, a 12-lead EKG, IV fluids, and more. And we’ve also updated our protocols to ensure the safety of both our staff and our patients due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But the value of this on-demand care program doesn’t stop there. With this partnership, primary care physicians are also benefiting from:

Community Engagement 

DispatchHealth has reengineered pre- and post-acute care delivery by taking a unique patient perspective that prioritizes community engagement. This on-demand care program links core primary care practices through an in-network web of communication that connects all aspects of the patient’s medical needs and visit details.

Risk Stratification Technologies 

By using a patent-pending proprietary tool that right-sizes acute care delivery, DispatchHealth ensures that patients are receiving the best care plan in a timely manner. This value-based program has significantly reduced non-urgent ER trips, taking the stress and expense out of the picture.

Lower Healthcare Costs

DispatchHealth partners with leading insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, provide high-quality and affordable care within a patient’s home. This is significantly less expensive than a traditional emergency room visit, where costs can be extreme. Following the in-home visit, DispatchHealth will bill the patient’s insurance directly; the out-of-pocket cost is comparable to the cost of an urgent care visit.

Providing Top-Tier Care During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

As a PCP, you understand the risk that elderly or immunocompromised individuals face from coronavirus (COVID-19). To help them maintain “shelter in place” and social distancing measures, it’s important that they avoid visiting the emergency room if it’s not necessary—and studies show that about a fifth of repeat EMS transportation requests are for ailments or conditions that don’t require emergency assistance. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, though, chronic conditions beat on, sometimes necessitating more than a telehealth visit. That’s where DispatchHealth comes in.

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Innovative Healthcare Starts Here

At DispatchHealth, our mission is to provide a full, in-home care continuum that is capable of delivering high-acuity medical services and addressing the social needs of at-risk patients. By lowering costs for your patients and providing value-based care, we are helping primary care physicians join the on-demand movement—improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. Benefiting from our partnership is as easy as:

  1. Referring a patient by requesting care. DispatchHealth will connect with the patient, obtain verbal consent for the visit, and finish the onboarding process. They will then provide the patient with an estimated time of arrival and will dispatch a team.
  2. Letting DispatchHealth extend your patient care. DistpatchHealth’s medical teams will arrive at your patients’ homes within a few hours. Here, they’ll be ready to treat complex medical conditions and navigate challenging social environments by delivering acute care in a comfortable and familiar home setting. We’ve updated our protocols to keep our patients safe from coronavirus (COVID-19), so you can rest assured your patients are safe with us—even within social distancing measures.
  3. Enjoying a complete continuum of care. DispatchHealth fully documents your patients’ visits and sends clinical documentation back to you; for immediate primary care follow-ups, you’ll receive a prompt call. Additionally, DispatchHealth follows up with every patient within three days and refers back to you for additional care as needed.

To learn more about ways that primary care physicians are bettering access to healthcare and lowering costs for their patients by partnering with DispatchHealth, contact us today!

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