Myth Busting: DispatchHealth & Primary Care Provider Partnerships

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Myth Busting: DispatchHealth & Primary Care Provider Partnerships

Primary care providers are the backbone of today’s healthcare system, which is why DispatchHealth prioritizes establishing strong partnerships with primary care practices in the communities we serve. However, if you’re a primary care provider, you may have a few apprehensions regarding DispatchHealth and the on-demand, in-home medical services we offer. After all, your patients are like family, and you want to make sure they’re treated as such by other medical practitioners in their care network they may rely on for same-day or after-hours care.

Allow DispatchHealth to clarify any confusion about our qualifications or position in the healthcare spectrum by busting a few common myths regarding our partnerships with primary care providers. Take a look:

Now that we’ve sufficiently busted some common myths, you may have a few questions. DispatchHealth is here to help! First, we’ve addressed a few frequently asked questions here:

  • How does DispatchHealth best support, primary care physicians and other specialists?
  • When is DispatchHealth a good option for my patients?
  • What type of patients is a good fit for the services that DispatchHealth offers?

Your Partner in Patient Care

Simply put, DispatchHealth can help expand the reach of your primary care practice during busy clinic days, on weekends and holidays, and after hours, helping improve outcomes and reduce costs for patients with non-emergent, high-acuity medical concerns. We are not a replacement for primary care—only an extension. Following a visit with your patient, we’ll send you a detailed medical report and refer them to you for any necessary follow-up care. In this way, our medical teams help eliminate unnecessary emergency room visits and ensure patients receive the professional medical care they need when they need it. Plus, we are in-network with many health insurance plans, and an appointment with us costs roughly the same as a trip to an urgent care center (most patients pay between $5 and $50).

DispatchHealth’s in-home medical services are particularly advantageous for patients who:

  • Can’t leave home easily due to illness, memory impairments, limited mobility, or lack of transportation
  • Have an increased risk of developing serious complications from contagious illnesses, such as seniors and individuals with compromised immune systems
  • Need timely medical assistance after hours or on the weekend—we are available 365 days a year and will arrive at your patient’s doorstep in a matter of hours.
  • Are experiencing disruptive symptoms related to a chronic illness but don’t require a costly ER visit

Still, have questions? Contact DispatchHealth to learn more information regarding our partnerships with community primary care providers and how we can assist your patients. Give our friendly professionals a call at 888-908-0553 or chat with an expert when it’s convenient for you.

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